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    A selection of salads from our daily menu, served in a noodle box


    Antipasto platter – sliced meats, cheese, olives and deli items


    Apple and cinnamon cake, LARGE (serves 11-14)


    Apple and cinnamon cake, MEDIUM (serves 8-10)


    Apple and cinnamon cake, SMALL (serves 6-7)


    Asparagus and aioli rolls (V)


    Bacon and egg pie


    Bacon and egg tart, no pastry (GF)


    Bacon and potato soup


    Bacon and tomato tartlet


    Bacon, mushroom and red onion mini quiche


    Bagel with smoked salmon, capers and rocket


    Banana and walnut loaf


    Banana cake with lemon icing, LARGE (serves 11-14)


    Banana cake with lemon icing, MEDIUM (serves 8-10)


    Banana cake with lemon icing, SMALL (serves 6-7)



    A classic dish using topside beef mince, Italian tomatoes and b├ęchamel sauce


    Beetroot, haloumi and rocket turkish sandwich

    Berry and white chocolate muffin


    Blinis with cream cheese and smoked salmon


    Blueberry butter cake, LARGE (serves 11-14)


    Blueberry butter cake, MEDIUM (serves 8-10)


    Blueberry butter cake, SMALL (serves 6-7)


    Blueberry muffin



    Slow-cooked beef with a deliciously rich red wine sauce, button mushrooms and onions (GF)


    Breads and dips platter – tuna and watercress dip, hummus, feta and herb


    Breakfast tart – baked beans, bacon and egg


    Capsicum, corn and bacon loaf


    Caramel slice


    Carrot cake with cream cheese icing, LARGE (serves 11-14)